What you said...  

Paul Goodrich

"I just wanted to say a great big thank you for all your assistance last week in helping me get the data required for the PI. Your time and effort in helping me out was over and above the call of duty and is very much appreciated here by myself and the directors. It is the touches like last week that make you all stand out above the rest of the competition and make us want to stay with JCS."

Paul Goodrich
Client Liaison Manager
Investment Quorum

 Nik Proctor  

"JCS is a fabulous office support and client management system. It addresses nearly all the issues required by a Financial Planner including a time recording and fee-charging facility to suit the new era for fee based advisers. As users of JCS for over 7 years we have found the system to be very robust and easy for new staff to learn. There are a huge range of reports which can be produced in a few seconds. This makes advising clients on many key issues so much easier and really impresses them and their accountants.

Software support is usually as bad as insurance company administration but it is a refreshing change to find a great willingness to sort problems out quickly from the JCS technical helpline.

While some systems maybe bigger and better, for the small IFA firm I think JCS is competitively priced and a great system which can help IFAs add value to their clients and improve profitability in so many ways."

Nik Proctor
Lodgeport Associates

Stephen Titterington  

"We moved to JCS in 1997 and it has been fundamental in our being able to grow our client bank and provide a high level of service as we have been able to produce comprehensive up-to-date Portfolio Reports to clients. It has also allowed us to expand our fee client base and develop our fee offering through the use of Profile Reports.

We have found JCS extremely intuitive and have not required training apart from a few queries, which were answered promptly and efficiently.

We see JCS as being fundamental to the success of our business now and in the future."

Stephen Titterington
Brodie Maclean Limited

Michael Hague  

"We have used JCS as our core office system for more years than most. We came to it after unsuccessful trials with other systems and have regularly been the target of the marketing by other companies. Throughout that time we have always been impressed by the flexibility, not only of the program itself but also of the approach of those behind it. They have worked hard to make it comprehensive and robust, responding to our needs as well as to changes in the world of financial planning.

Part of my role has been to regularly appraise the offerings from other software houses. We always start by being impressed by their marketing only to be disappointed when we look under the bonnet. Other programs are often geared towards the needs of one organisation and do not adapt well to those of another; they are often long on promises and short on delivery and far too often require a dedicated IT approach to their installation and maintenance.

JCS never forget that this is our data and have ensured we have access to it to perform our own bespoke planning where needed. Their core system is true to its plan of enabling the one fingered typist to enter information and get a report from it. Despite regular updates, it remains robust and reliable. So far we have not found anything that would tempt us away."

Michael Hague B.Ed. FIFP, CFP.
Director and Certified Financial Planner

Andy Jervis  

"We have used JCS since it functioned in DOS, and people we interview these days have never heard of that so it must be a few years ago. Indeed, we have built our practice using the JCS system as the backbone of our business, a role that the software has handled extremely well.

Over the years we have enjoyed a good working relationship with Andy James and Wayne Gaskin, and latterly with Barry. The level of service that we have experienced has been literally second-to-none, and the inevitable problems that all systems face occasionally have always been resolved promptly, efficiently and courteously. When you are relying on your back-office system, with 12 staff logged in every hour of every day, the presence of this type of support has been a huge factor in our high degree of satisfaction.

Our business delivers comprehensive financial planning to clients based on an agreed service contract, and JCS excels at this type of scenario. However we have needed to build our business and have had times when new business was much more important to us than it is now, and the ability to create bulk or highly targeted mailings, personalised to clients and their individual contracts, and to search the client and portfolio database as required has meant that we have consistently been able to keep in touch with our clients in a highly efficient and rewarding way.

Our loyalty to JCS has not been completely blind, however, and we continually monitor developments in the marketplace to stay abreast of changes, and talk to other financial planners about their experiences. I remain convinced that JCS continues to occupy a leading position in its field, and my recent conversations with Wayne and the team lead me to believe that they will be keeping that position for a while yet."

Andy Jervis, ACII, Dip PFS, CFP

Chesterton House Financial Services Ltd, Loughborough

(The DOS version of JCS was discontinued in 1993.)