Refresh Your Reports 

In recent years, we have had comments from several users that, although they might be happy with the content of JCS reports, in terms of look and feel, they left much to be desired. 

We had to agree. 

With their excessive use of bold and italic text, as well as the decidedly old fashioned looking Times New Roman font, JCS reports were looking dated, and sorely in need of a style makeover.

As there are literally hundreds of reports produced by JCS, updating them all has been a mammoth undertaking, but as of JCS version 26.010.03 (released in January 2017), we are proud to introduce the ability to pick and choose from a number of different contemporary report "themes", in a manner that will probably feel quite familiar to users of the more recent editions of Microsoft Office.

sample report themes

Gone is the antiquated Times New Roman font and ugly decorated text, and in its place you’ll find clean, modern-looking fonts, with a variety of colours to pick from. 

If you have not seen or used these new themes, check them out in Preferences, within JCS. You can see live previews of the themes on a mini sample report, before deciding which one to actually use. 

Hopefully there is one that works for you, which complements your corporate branding. If not, don't panic! We are adding to the list of themes all the time, and would also be happy to work with you to add a style with your specific corporate colours. We have done this already with a number of early takeup adviser firms during our testing phase. 

Want to stick with the old look? Don't worry, it hasn't gone anywhere, it is still available under the suitably titled "JCS Classic" (we thought “Classic” an appropriate name for something which looks like it belongs in the age of floppy disks and punch cards).

We're really happy to get some early positive feeback about the new report themes. Robyn from Harrold Financial Planning had this to say...

"...we were very pleased with the reports and they look so much more professional and contemporary. Our clients were pleased too and we went one step further by getting cardboard covers [of client packs] printed which finished the quality look off."