Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does JCS deal with Branches?
A: Each Branch has its own database which is periodically resynchronised with head office to allow centralised reporting. Alternatively, the Branches can all be accommodated in one database and information accessed remotely using our Terminal Services or ASP solutions (see below).

Q: Can users work from home or on the road?
A: Yes. Any user can select clients to download onto their laptops and work on them whilst disconnected from the office network. All client information is available including documents, and information can be changed or added as required. Fact Finds and "What If?" scenarios can be completed live in front of clients if required to be later uploaded to the main database on returning to the office. Any documents created can be printed at the time or later on returning to base. Alternatively, users can use the Terminal Services or ASP solutions (see below) together with a mobile phone connection (3G recommended) or a home Broadband internet connection.

Q: Does JCS work on terminal services?
A: Yes, and we can provide specific instructions to help your on site IT engineer with the correct implementation.

Q: Does JCS have contract enquiry connectivity to the various product providers to allow detailed clients' portfolio information to be easily obtained?
A: Yes, JCS connects to many major product providers and has a program to continue increasing the extent of coverage and functionality. 

Q: Which product providers are JCS currently live with for contract enquiry?
A: Please 
click here to view the full list of product providers with whom JCS is currently live.

Q: Does JCS guarantee its prices for the duration of the contract?
A: Yes, JCS has a price promise in place which guarantees that prices will increase by no more than RPI each year. Furthermore, JCS is rented by the month with only one month's notice required for termination. There is no minimum term contract to sign.

Q: Are there mandatory training or installation fees?
A: No, there are no installation fees or mandatory training. However, we do strongly recommend that training be undertaken periodically to ensure that you are using the software in the best possible way. The functionality is extensive and most users only use a tiny percentage of the features available. Regular training ensures you maximise the use of your data and the programme's functionality. Installation is free and carried out by experienced support technicians.

Q: Can JCS create documents and perform mailshots?
A: Yes, JCS has a fully Integrated back office suite that encompasses document creation and management utilising common Microsoft tools, such as MS Word and Outlook. Sophisticated selection methodologies allow the selection of specific groups of contacts for highly targeted mailings.