RMAR Reporting with JCS


JCS' latest software release contains updates to the RMAR (GABRIEL) Adviser Charges schedule to further enhance reporting under the new FCA standards. This subject has been one of much debate and confusion, but completing your RMAR Reporting is now made easier with JCS Adviser Software Suites.

Should any existing clients require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the Tech Support team on 03450 049 599 opt 1. Whilst JCS cannot complete these reports on your behalf, we can offer guidance and assistance on how best to complete the submission.

For information about moving to JCS Adviser Software
Please call 
03450 049 599 opt 6


New Contract Enquiry Integration

The JCS Contract Enquiry service now enables you to perform Bulk Valuations with Novia.  Although this service is primarily a Bulk Valuation Download service, it has been implemented in JCS to enable users to also perform single policy RTV.

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JCS User Forums

The JCS Forum enables you to discuss important issues, make feature requests, share your thoughts and vote on how useful you found each post. This is part of our initiative to increase communication with our customers and to better understand the needs of their business.

You can find the User Forums from within your JCS Software (Help Menu) or by clicking on the Support menu option from this website, alternatively click here!



VAT FREE, How do we do that?


From Tuesday, 04 January 2011 VAT increased from 17.5% to 20%. You would expect our monthly subscriptions to have been affected by this increase, but as existing JCS customers will tell you, JCS do not charge VAT and haven't done so for some years. "How are you able to do this?", you may ask. Since 2005 JCS Head Office has been situated in Guernsey in the Channel Islands, so we are able to take advantage of the UK's VAT Reverse Charge Scheme that means there is no VAT on our invoices for software subscriptions.

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If you would like a demonstration  please call on 03450 049 599 option 6 to arrange a suitable time. A member of our professional Technical Support Team will call you back. You will be able to see their screen on your screen and they will be able to deliver a LIVE online demonstration of Adviser Essential, Adviser Professional & Adviser Lifestyle, which will be tailored to your needs on-the-fly, in response to any questions you may have!


FREE Online Training

FREE Training

Up to 3 hours FREE Online Training per customer is now available when you subscribe to Adviser Essential or Adviser Lifestyle!

Adviser Essential provides comprehensive administration with powerful financial planning that is seamlessly integrated with Adviser Lifestyle our ground breaking next generation cashflow modelling tool that offers so much more than the 'lifetime only' cashflow modelling products available on the market.