Tidy Up Your Clients

Over the years, several users of have asked for a way to hide those clients which their company no longer services.

If your JCS database holds details of ex-clients, or perhaps ones that have ceased to be, you don’t need their names cluttering up your searches and you definitely don’t want them to be included in the next birthday card mailshot.

As of JCS version 26.101.13, released in January 2017 it has been possible to archive those clients you’d rather keep hidden from view.

Their details, and all records linked to them, will remain on your system - fees, commission receipts and documents are all kept in tact – but, unless you want to be, you won’t be bothered by these clients in your day to day work.

Archiving individual clients is simple (you just set their Adviser Name to “*ARCHIVED*” in the Initial Details page) but what if you have hundreds or even thousands to move to the archive cabinet? If this is you then please give Tech Support a call, who can do all the heavy lifting for you.

They will be able to quickly bulk archive clients based on any criteria you like – such as a particular Client Code or Adviser Name. It could save you hours of work.

Time for a tidy up.