Fine Tune Your Lookups


Back in June 2016, the Open Client Fact Find window was given a major overhaul and replaced with the new Find Clients or Cases window.

The response to the new lookup window has been overwhelmingly positive, with one happy user calling the ability to instantly see the clients and cases they had recently opened “life changing”.

Other users have commented how useful it is to be able to see the results from a search all at once (yes, the old window really was so clunky it only allowed you to view one client at a time.)

We have also been told how nice it is to be able to find clients or cases by using policy Reference Numbers and, although no one has mentioned the wildcard searches, we are hopeful someone will also find this feature useful.

Understandably, though, with such radical changes to the most frequently used page in JCS, a few tweaks were required to get it working as seamlessly as possible. Some users, who were quite content with the old window, suddenly found that the keystrokes they had relied upon for so many years were now leading them astray.

We have listened to your comments and in order to try to keep everyone happy, a number of preferences have been added for the Find Clients or Cases window. Click on the "gears" button, and you’ll find a variety of options, which you can use to customise how the lookup window works for you.

Perhaps you’d rather it didn’t automatically hide the search results when not in use, or maybe you don’t like the way client Fact Find pages automatically open. If so, there is an option for you.

Of course, if you have any further suggestions for improvements, Tech Support are happy to hear your comments.