Aviva Platform Migration 

Over the coming weekend, Aviva will be migrating their Aviva Platform Investments to a new platform. Full details of the migration can be found on the Aviva Platform migration hub here, but the areas of impact for users of JCS will be as follows:

  • Client references and account numbers will be changing
  • Bulk valuation files will no longer be available from the Aviva for Advisers website
  • Minor changes to the electronic remuneration messages for adviser charges

Full details of each change, and how they affect your handling of Aviva Wrap policies in JCS are listed below.

Client references and account numbers

After the migration, all accounts will be allocated a new product reference to replace the account number previously used. This new reference will take the form of the wrapper id followed by a sub policy id. Example AV1234567-001.

All active Aviva Platform policies in JCS should be updated to reflect the new policy number, and Aviva will be providing a report to assist in this exercise. From the 22nd January 2018, you will be able to  download this report from the Aviva for Advisers website at http://www.aviva-for-advisers.co.uk/adviser/site/public/ and access the report from Platform Services > Business Reporting > Client by Adviser > Generate

If you have a small number of policies and wish to manually update the information in JCS, please contact tech support to obtain a document for all the steps concerned to ensure that there will be no issues with Contract Enquiry Valuations or Electronic Remuneration processing.

If you have a larger number of policies, we have a tool available in the latest version of JCS that will assist in bulk transforming all Aviva Wrap policies. Please contact tech support, and they will guide you through the process. 

We recommend that you perform one of these processes as early as possible to minimise any issues that may occur with electronic processing of adviser charges.

Bulk Valuation Files

In the past, JCS has been able to make use of a Back Office Valuation Report from the Aviva for Advisers website to update the value of policies. This report will no longer be available after the migration. To this end, we have been working hard to implement direct electronic integration with the Aviva Platform to access the real time contract enquiry valuation service. We aim to have this in place as soon as possible after the migration. Access will be via the usual JCS Contract Enquiry Connections using your Unipass digital certificate.

Electronic Remuneration Messages 

If you are currently receiving electronic statements for adviser charges on the Aviva Platform, these will change slightly from Monday 22nd. For starters, all references will be using the new product reference rather than the legacy account number, so it is important that these are updated in JCS prior to processing any new statements. There will also be some extra information in the message about the legacy account number, so it is important to make sure you are on the latest version of JCS to ensure that all parts of the message are read correctly.

As always, if you need assistance, guidance or help in this area please contact our Technical Support team.