MetLife Service Update


As of the June 20th, MetLife upgraded their valuation messaging service via the Origo Hub. These changes will not adversely affect the valuation service for any existing policies with MetLife and will continue to function in the same way.

The MetLife upgrade now allows users to perform valuations of MetLife's Trustee Retirement Plans (TRPs) and Trustee Investment Plans (TIPs). If you have been attempting to perform a valuation on one of these policies previously, the valuation would have been failing. However, from 20th June, all users on JCS version 27.000.00 or greater can make use of this new messaging without needing to upgrade, and should now be able to perform a current valuation of these policy types. Please note that TRPs and TIPs should be entered into JCS as an Investment Bond to allow this functionality to work correctly.

To get access to the upgraded messaging, all you need to do is refresh your external connections. JCS does this automatically when you open the External Connections page in Utilities.