Software Updates
23.007.10 25 November 2013
Save Plan As Functionality Added
In addition to being able to build a new plan using an existing plan as a Template, it is now possible to 'Save a Plan As' a new plan at any point whilst working on a Plan.
22.001.07 20 July 2012
Added Drawdown to Personal Pensions
The Personal Pension Cashflow type now has a separate line to accommodate Pension Drawdown.
Fixed Bug in Personal Pensions
The Basic Rate Tax Credit on Personal Pension Plan contributions was crediting an additional month in the month following the cessation of making Contributions. This has been fixed.
Fixed Issue in Complex Cashflows
In a Plan containing multiple Complex Cashflows which also had sub-lines with Cease dates on them, an issue could cause other complex Cashflows in the plan to cease at the incorrect date. This has been fixed.
Fixed Issue Resetting to Defaults
When attempting to delete a sub part of a complex Cashflow which can not be deleted because it is a mandatory part of the Cashflow, the system offers the option to reset the Cashflow to default values. For some Cashflows this was resulting in duplicate but orphaned transactions being left in the system. This is now fixed.
Improved Error Messaging
When adding a new Cashflow in to a plan and the addition failing, the error message displayed was unhelpful. The reason for being unable to add a particular new Cashflow is now explained to the user.
Improved Error Messaging
When trying to delete a Cashflow which was crucial to the Plan and therefore could not be deleted, the error message was previously unhelpful. This has now been corrected.
Improved Speed of Loading Plans
The speed of loading plans which have previously deleted lines has been improved.